Acclaimed EDM artists were announced as part of the 2-day long L Festival- Feria Cultural Latinoamericana, which will take place on October 24thand 25th at the OC Fair & Events Center in Orange County. Eyes of Providence, D-Wayne,Atellagalli, Rell The Soundbender, Tom & Collins, Juan Magan ,El Dusty, and more to be announced, will perform full-concert sets at this historic event.
A festival that seeks to showcase the great variety of the Latin American culture in the United States, even shows the different approaches within the electronic music genre with DJ’s like Spaniard sensations Eyes of Providence, who display beats that one cannot trace to a specific country or region; while El Dusty and Juan Magan combine the best of their cultures into a mixture that will make anyone put their hands in the air and move to the beat.
L Festival is being organized by Universal Music Latin Entertainment, who also owns the labelAfterCLUV DanceLab, a major label dedicated 100% to dance music which operates in the entire Latin American region is developing and sponsoring talent from all over the Americas and Spain.
Dance music is the first sign of how the world is converging into one unified culture. Uplifting rhythms from all around the globe make up the fabric of the electronic beats that make everyone move and dance; regardless of their origins or the color of their skin.

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